Hampton Bays Downtown Overlay District

Hampton Bays Business District Pattern Book

The Town of Southampton, working with the Hampton Bays Civic Association, the Hampton Bays Economic Development Task Force and individuals within the community, designated the Hampton Bays Downtown Overlay District. Recognizing that the Overlay District lacks a cohesive expression of the local and historical community patterns, and the architectural styles and elements preferred by the citizens, the Town contracted with Historical Concepts, an Architecture & Planning firm, to author a Pattern Book that will serve as the basis for a future Form Based Zoning Code for the Overlay District. The Pattern Book will define and describe the desired forms of future development and identify the way in which individual buildings within the Overlay District should relate to streets and public open spaces. The prescribed development patterns will provide a flexible framework that will allow Hampton Bays to adapt to future unknown market conditions, and support more or less development in the future. 


2018 -September, An Update on the Form-Based Code & Market Analysis Results
2017 - July, Town staff preparing recommendations for Town Board consideration.
2017 - June, Hampton Bays Final Pattern Book. 2017 - April, Anticipated presentation of pattern book to the Town Board.
2017 - April, Consultant report completed
2017 - January, Data gathering and survey results and findings presented at a second community forum and at work sessions with the Town Board and Planning Board.
2016 - December, Online preference survey conducted. 1,222 individual and unique respondents participated in the online survey.
2016 - November, Meetings with stakeholders and community outreach and visioning forum.
2016 - October, Data gathering phase commenced, conducting site visits, precedent tours and stakeholder meetings.
2016 - August, Town Board authorized entering into a contract with Historical Concepts to prepare the Pattern Book.
2016 - July, Bid proposals received and reviewed.
2016 - June, Request for Proposals (RFP) issued by Town Board for the preparation of a Pattern Book for the Overlay District