Southampton Arts and Culture Committee (SHACC)

Mission Statement

Committee members have backgrounds in all forms of art, including the visual, literary, performing, multi-disciplinary, educational and culinary arts, as well as art history and architecture. Through creative collaboration, they seek to advise officials of the Town of Southampton in matters related to promoting greater exposure to and participation in the arts. They also assist with identifying contributions to the Town’s cultural and artistic legacy, from the time of the region’s earliest inhabitants to the present.

Town Board Resolution RES-2017-425


  • Hope Sandrow, Chair 
  • Geoffrey Drummond
  • April Gornik
  • Dorothy Lichtenstein
  • Minerva Perez
  • Elka Rifkin
  • Brenda Simmons
  • Terrie Sultan
  • Shane Weeks

  • Supervisor
  • Town Council Liaison