Schedule a Zoom Meeting or Join the In-Person Waitlist

Since the COVID 19 pandemic began several months ago, the Town of Southampton has been proactive to
help keep residents safe by encouraging on line options so people don’t have to wait “on line” to get answers. 

Now, the Town is offering a new QR code that can be activated by your smart phone from the Town’s website to schedule a booking for a Zoom meeting with a building inspector from the comfort of your home or office. The QR code can also be activated at the entrance of Town Hall to sign in for a face to face appointment and wait in your vehicle to be called into the Building Department. The new system will lessen the number of people gathering in the lobby waiting for their turn to visit the Building Department or help those with a question that might easily be answered through a Zoom meeting.

In-Person Waitlist

To sign in for a face to face consultation and wait in your vehicle or in Town Hall to be called into the Building Department please click the Join Waitlist button below, or use the following link The Waitlist opens for signups at 8:45AM and closes at 3:30PM. The Building Department opens its doors at 9:00AM and closes at 4:00PM.

Zoom Meeting 


To schedule a Zoom meeting please click the Schedule an Appointment button below or click the following link,