Your Government

  1. Supervisors Office

    Discover the duties and responsibilities of the Office of the Supervisor and meet the members.

  2. Town Council Office

    Meet the town's council members.

  3. Town Trustees

    Access information about the Board of Trustees, forms and applications, and programs.

  4. Boards & Committees

    Meet the board members of different committees, commissions, boards, and authorities.

  5. Departments

    View the departments and services available in Southampton.

  6. Change of Zone Applications PDD

  7. Master Plans (Adopted)

    View the comprehensive master plans for the Town of Southampton and the Hamlets.

  8. Town Clerk

  9. SEA-TV

    SEA-TV provides education and government access television programming of interest to the residents of the Town of Southampton.

  10. Tax Receiver

  11. Town Code

    Access the Town of Southampton's codes and ordinances.

  12. Town Studies & Reports

    View multiple studies and reports for the Town of Southampton.