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What is Tri-Energy?
Tri-Energy is a Town of Southampton program to assist homeowners address critical energy issues in our community. By participating in Tri-Energy you and your family can take actions that will directly help lower your energy costs and help reduce the overall energy demand for our community.

Why is Tri-Energy so Important Right Now?

Energy affordability, healthy homes, impacts from climate change, adequate electricity during periods of peak demand -  are all problems facing the Southampton community while at the same time impacting our families individually. The exciting news is help is available for each of us to take cost effective steps within our homes to make them more energy efficient, use renewable energy, reduce their impact on the electric grid and save money as well.

What Assistance Can I Receive?

Tri-Energy combines three innovative community programs to help Southampton residents:

  • Long Island Green Homes – energy efficiency is the critical first step for each of us lowering our carbon footprint. Through this community program you can receive a Free Home Energy Audit, rebates, incentives, low interest financing and other assistance to reduce your home's energy use by 30% or more.
  • Solarize Southampton - Solarize campaigns are locally organized community outreach efforts aimed at getting more homes and businesses in one community to go solar.  Home owners and businesses that participate in the program not only can reduce their energy cost but can benefit from reduced pricing. Free solar assessments are available. 
  • Peak Power Hour – this program invites residents, and their families and friends to register for a series of outdoor events designed to help our community proactively lessen the occasion of brownouts while also reducing your energy consumption.

How Can my Family Participate in Tri-Energy?
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    The Long Island Green Homes Initiative is a non-profit collaborative partnership of Long Island Towns, community-based organizations and Molloy College funded primarily with a community outreach grant awarded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) in order to help Long Islanders improve their homes and use energy more wisely in their everyday lives. 
    Via one-on-one support from one of our experienced Energy Navigators, Long Island homeowners receive a free energy assessment, and are connected with government funds and local, certified contractors to receive money saving and energy efficient improvements to their homes. In addition to reducing your home’s carbon footprint and saving you money, the Long Island Green Homes Initiative stimulates job growth and business opportunities—right here on Long Island. 


    The Solarize Southampton program is open to residents and business owners within the Town. This year’s Solarize Program includes option for either purchase or lease with financing options available for the purchase!  Past Green Logic Customers already qualify for a $500 referral fee.  Past Southampton residents who signed up in 2015 for the program but for some reason could not install solar who now refer a neighbor who installs a solar PV system will receive a $250 “Refer your neighbor” referral fee.

    Sign-up for a FREE Solar Assessment


    The South Fork of Long Island pays some of the highest utility rates in the nation. The cost of electricity year round is calibrated on periods of peak demand, which typically occur for only a few hours across a dozen of the hottest days of summer. While there are several mechanisms available to shave the peaks off summer peak - this summer the Town is sponsoring a program designed to decrease demand during summer peak. Those who are preregistered will receive a text message a day in advance, inviting you to turn up your thermostat at least two degrees at the prescribed time and then join us on the beach for a kite flying event that will be fun for the whole family.




To learn more about the GreenHomes Program download this brochure

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To learn more about the Solarize Program download this postcard
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