CDBG - Sign & Facades Improvements Program

Town of Southampton
2020 Community Development Sign & Façades Improvement Program

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Application Process 

The Façade Improvement Program guidelines for renovation will be implemented according to the steps outlined below:

1. Property/business owners interested in participating in the Program will submit a completed, signed application to the Division of Housing & Community Development.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Applications will be deemed complete upon submission of the following requirements:

  1. If the applicant is not the building owner, an owner endorsement certificate and a copy of the current lease must be included with the application.
  2.  Project details and supporting documentation illustrating compliance with applicable sections of the Town Code and the Pattern Book for the Hampton Bays Downtown Overlay District (attach additional sheets if necessary):
  3. Identified areas of the building to be improved (either in photo or description, such area as east of the main entrance, from front east corner to west end of the building, around the doors or windows, etc.)
  1.  Existing type of surface and materials of areas to be refinished, altered, painted, etc., such as window or door frames material types
  2. Proposed type of new surface, materials, etc.
  3. Show that signage is be attached to the building and complies with Chapter 330 Article XXII Signs of the Town Code 
  4.  Lighting shall comply with Chapter 330 Article XXIX Outdoor Lighting of the Town Code.\
  5. Photographs of the building’s current condition, including: The façade, and/or the areas where improvements will be made.

2. Division of Housing & Community Development/Planning staff will meet with the applicant to discuss the eligibility requirements, guidelines, and procedures to make the determination that the project is eligible for program funding.  Additionally, the Town and property/business owner or tenant will discuss goals, preferences and limitations for storefront renovation.  Pre-Construction - Applicant will work with the Division of Housing & Community Development to ensure that procurement and program requirements, if any, are met and that necessary architectural and engineering plans are secured.

3. The applicant must have a DUNS number, which helps grantors, partners and lenders know more about your business.  This number can be obtained at: 

4. The applicant shall obtain Administrative Site Plan approval review as per Chapter 330-183.1.


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