How you can help.

moving-the-needle-png-1500_963Southampton Town is moving the needle toward its goal of 100% renewable energy by launching the 1st CCA program on Long Island. Thanks to overwhelming public support, on May 20, 2020, LIPA’s Board of Trustees approved the Tariff authorizing a CCA program in the LIPA region.

However, unlike the CCA Tariffs filed with the PSC in 2016 by all other electric utilities in New York State, LIPA has chosen to include unique language requiring payment to LIPA for Power Supply. This unique requirement also referred to as ‘Take or Pay’ is being aggressively investigated by Town Staff, Southampton’s CCA Administrator and our elected officials. 

Stakeholder support is critical. All residents, second homeowners, and businesses in the LIPA region are asked to participate. Whether your Town is pursuing a CCA program or not, all Long Islanders benefit from a competitive market for electricity which we currently do not have. Please stand with your neighbors and demand that we have access to the same New York State program benefits available to any municipality in New York State outside the LIPA region. In less than two weeks over 1000 signatures influenced the May 20th decision. Please join us in demonstrating the power of public opinion. Express your desire to have access to competitive markets for electricity like every other citizen outside the LIPA region, by adding your name to the petition.


A New Way To Pay - 27 East

Letter sent by Southampton Town Board supporting the Tariff language proposed by the LIPA staff.