CLERC Survey


Community Survey


Town Committee on Policing Posts Community Survey.

Policing and police policies have become national issues. In New York there has been a call by the Governor per Executive Order No. 203, to examine the perceptions about policing and policies implemented by local law enforcement agencies. In an effort to respond to the Governor’s order and in a continued effort to maintain optimal policing, and strengthen trust between the Town of Southampton Police Department and the communities it serves, the Southampton Town Board appointed the Community Law Enforcement Review Committee (CLERC). The committee is charged with examining community perceptions and  making recommendations in response to the Governor’s order. It’s members include  advocacy and civic group representatives, clergy, community members,  police professionals, criminal justice experts and local elected officials. CLERC  is seeking your input through a community survey. Please take a moment to complete the survey regarding your perceptions and views of the Town of Southampton Police Department’s role in our community. Your thoughts are important to us!