SUN20TV in Action

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Southampton User Network 20 TV
Public Access of Southampton Town  

SUN20TV stands for Southampton User Network.  It is a Southampton Public Access Television Station which is an informational and cultural resource for the Town of Southampton, its residents, visitors and friends.  SUN20TV
brings the people of the Town of Southampton and its nearby areas closer together through the production of non-commercial television programming that is aired locally on Channel 20 under the ALTICE Cable television line-up.  

Advisory Committee

SUN20TV is operated by the Town of Southampton with an Executive Director and an advisory committee appointed by the Southampton Town Board.  SUN20TV advisory committee which helps guide the policies and programming consists of six members who are residents of the Town of Southampton, versed in all areas of media, video, broadcasting, arts and culture and community interests.  

The Committee will not exercise editorial control over the public’s use of the SUN20TV channel.  However, the Committee may take such measures as authorized by Federal or State laws to prohibit obscenity or other content unprotected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.  

Members of the SUN20TV Advisory Committee include:

  • Robert Florio
  • Naomi Hogarty
  • Frank Cento
  • Andrew Godfrey
  • Tracey Mitchell
  • Bill Evans

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