Mission Statement

The Southampton Town Police Department predicates its mission and purpose on the basis of community partnership and service. It is our mission to provide the highest quality of police service by rendering aid to those in need, bringing to justice those who violate the law, and ensuring the Town of Southampton is a safe place to live, visit, conduct business, and pursue happiness.


Vision Statement

As one of the first law enforcement agencies on Long Island to become accredited by New York State, the department is a leader of professionalism in the region. We are committed to becoming a model police organization for the nation by continually advancing in the areas of leadership, training, technology, safer and more effective equipment, and the management of personnel and financial resources. In order to provide the most fair, just, and compassionate service, we are fully engaged in and embracing police reform and the continual evolution of the profession while providing a safe comfortable atmosphere of law and order.


Core Values

The employees of the Southampton Town Police Department are dedicated to the law enforcement profession, and are committed to the core values of:

Integrity, Professionalism, Teamwork, and Community Satisfaction