Helpful Facts

Partial Payments

We accept partial payments, as per Suffolk County Resolution 551-2001, must be a minimum of $200.

Postmark Date on Tax Payments Mailed

Tax payments sent via mail are accepted by the USPS postmarked date on the envelope. A private metered postmark is not acceptable. It is suggested that a taxpayer making a tax payment by mail near a deadline date should send the payment by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested.

Mortgage Parcels

Most mortgages include an escrow account for payment of taxes. If a property owner satisfies a mortgage in mid-tax year, the property owner should check with the Tax Receiver's Office to determine if the bank paid the total tax. The bank will not necessarily forward tax payment information to the property owner after the mortgage is satisfied. The property owner will be liable for late payment of taxes.

Property Location

The upper-left-hand corner of your tax bill entitled “Property Location” contains your official street address and house number. Chapter 239 of the Southampton Town Code requires that all town residences display house numbers so that they are clearly visible from the street. Posting your house number is essential for the prompt delivery of emergency services.

Real Property Tax Exemption for Senior Citizens

You may be eligible for a senior citizen tax exemption. First-time senior citizens have until March 1st to apply for such exemptions. For more information, please call the Town Assessor’s Office at 631-283-6020.

From the Veterans Service Agency

Applications for the New York State tax exemption for veterans, or certain members of their family, must be filed by March 1st. For more information, please call the Town Assessor’s Office at 631-283-6020.

From the Town Fire Marshal

The Town of Southampton relies on volunteer firefighters to provide fire protection. With many homes and businesses having automatic smoke / fire alarms, they are often called to scenes where access to the building is necessary, but not readily available. The firefighters are then faced with the decision to forcibly enter the building or wait, not knowing if a fire is growing.

Key Boxes

Installing a key box is a safe alternative that allows the firefighters to enter without causing damage. All local fire departments are able to use the Knox Box System. For more information, visit the Knox Box website, or call the Fire Marshal at 631-702-2919.