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Two-Year Rental Permit Instructions

Rental Permits are renewable every two years. The items listed below are required to be submitted with the completed application:

  • Floor Plans - Floor plans drawn of the entire subject structure or building
  • Survey - a copy of the property survey and/or site plan of the premises drawn to scale not greater than 40 feet to one inch, showing all buildings, structures, walks, driveways, and other physical features of the premises and the number, location, and access of existing and proposed on-site vehicle parking facilities
  • Certificates of Occupancy and Compliance - certificates of occupancy and compliance for all structures on the property. Building Permit Application is needed if any structures on the subject property do not hold a certificate of occupancy or compliance
  • Residential Smoke Detector Affidavit (form enclosed) - Included in application package. Must be signed and notarized
  • Engineer or Architect Certification of Code Compliance (form enclosed) - Must be submitted by a licensed architect or engineer if an inspection by Town of Southampton Inspector is declined
  • Designation of Agent for Service (form enclosed) - Must be completed by property owner
  • Fees 
    1. Standard fee $350; Income Qualified Tenant fee waived
    2. Enhanced Star, Veterans Exemption, or Senior Citizen’s Exemption fee $150
    3. Volunteer Fire Department or Ambulance Workers Real Property Exemption fee $150
    4. Inspection / Certification by Licensed Architect or Licensed Engineer fee $250
    5. Senior Citizen (as per §330-5) or Qualified Disabled Person (as per §216-2) fee $150
    6. Property in Violation of Chapter 270 (Rental Properties) fee $500
    7. Expedited Rental Permit fee $750
  • Refuse Removal Affidavit
  • Proof of Ownership – Must be submitted if property is in probate and if owned by a Trust, Corp, LLC or other Business Entity. See the cover page of the Rental Permit Application.


Rental Permit Applications