Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)

Welcome to the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) page of the Town of Southampton

To request records of all other departments, click the blue box below (This includes multi-department requests that include police records. Please note the Trustees are a separate and distinct governmental entity).

To request ONLY  Police Department records, click here

To request ONLY Town Trustee records, click here

The Freedom of Information Law (FOIL), Article 6 (Sections 84-90) of the NYS Public Officers Law, provides the public the right to access records maintained by government agencies with certain exceptions. 

We encourage you to become familiar with the various Town department website pages as many records are posted to these sites and available without the need to submit a FOIL request.

FOIL is to request records, not for answering questions. If you have questions about a Town department’s information, check that department’s website or call that department to get answers.

Tips for submitting a FOIL request form successfully:

  • You must list the specific records you want. Please do not say “any and all information” as that does not reasonably describe the records. 
  • State the full physical address (number, street and town) and tax map # of a property for which you seek records.
  •  State the calendar year (i.e. 2018) for tax, assessor or other records that are documented by year.
  • State the site plan/subdivision name when requesting planning records.
  • State the zoning decision number for zoning records.
  • State the board name and meeting date for any requested meeting minutes, Town Board resolutions.
  • State a timeframe, if applicable, for other records you seek, such as for records of violations, permits.
  • Indicate if you want to receive scanned records via email or physical copies (there is a charge for physical copies). Or, you may choose to inspect records. If you choose to inspect records, you may bring your own smart device (phone or tablet) and take photos of records you want. 
  • Note: If you want records from multiple departments all for the same parcel, please submit one FOIL request with parcel information and simply list all the records you want.  

Click here for a list of records that may be available from the Town. 

NOTICE: You have a right to appeal a denial of your application in writing within 30 days of denial to: James M.  Burke, Esq., Town of Southampton Attorney, 116 Hampton Road, Southampton, NY 11968.