Climate Action Plan

Town of Southampton
Climate Action Plan

Public Engagement Session
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) in Southampton

The Town of Southampton has already begun to feel the effects of climate change, resulting primarily from increased carbon emissions from greenhouse gases. (GHG)).  Severe storms, hotter summers, coastal flooding, rising water temperatures affecting marine life, and the quality of life in general are all more common occurrences.

Main Source of Greenhouse

New York State has set a goal of reducing carbon emissions 85% by 2050. The Town has outlined its carbon emission reduction objectives in the Sustainability 400 + Plan adopted by the Town Board in 2013  and recommitted to carbon neutrality in 2018. The challenge for both is how do we achieve our objectives.

The Town is developing a Climate Action Plan (CAP) to become carbon neutral through a combination of conservation, efficiencies and alternative energy sources. In developing this plan, community Input is Vital