North Sea Skate Park Renovation

19 North Sea Skate Park Renovation

Project Description

In the autumn of 2021 the Parks Department began assessments on the existing skate park with the intent to rehabilitate and redesign what was currently there, with a budget of $45,000. After careful consideration the Parks Department decided that a rehabilitation would not solve the issues at hand, and a recommendation to the Town Board was made to completely demolish and rebuild the park.

After a year of funding reallocations and grant application requests the Parks Department had managed to allocate $172,000 to this project (Community Development Block Grants $90,000, Park Reserve $58,000, and $24,000 in additional capital funding)

The current plan incorporates a poured concrete base surface with metal ramps and features. Working with the community and noted design professionals the plans were finalized in autumn of 2022. 

In the spring of 2023 the Parks Maintenance Division began demolition of the existing park to make way for the future! 

Our current schedule should allow for an opening in the early summer of 2023.