SFCC Train Schedules and Shuttles

To take advantage of the $3.25 South Fork Commuter Connection fare, purchase a special "South Fork Commuter Connection" ticket.

All SFCC tickets must be purchased through the Grey Ticket Machines, select the “getaways” button (This is for all stations.)  
SFCC tickets are NOT available through the LIRR mobile app or the (red) daily ticket machines.

Train Schedules:

Please see the schedule below, making note of the effective date indicated. Schedules will be updated periodically to reflect seasonal changes in the LIRR schedule. Trips highlighted with the SFCC designation will offer connecting ‘last mile’ shuttle services. Please note that the enhanced LIRR schedule now offers many trips in addition to the SFCC focused trips.

South Fork Commuter Connection Schedule

South Fork Commuter Connection Schedule en espanol

‘Last Mile’ Connecting Shuttle Service

Schedules vary by station, please review this information below.  Shuttle schedules and routes are flexible and subject to change based on demand, time of the year and traffic conditions.  Planned shuttle service changes will be flagged and posted in advance.

SFCC Shuttles
Southampton,  Bridgehampton, East Hampton and Amagansett