Driveway Aprons

  • Driveway Aprons Standards (PDF)
    In accordance with Town Code Article IV Highway Use Permits §287-13, et. seq. AND Town Code Article XXX §330-363 any work in the Town Owned Right-of Way (including driveway aprons ) must receive a permit from the Highway Superintendent before construction. Still Need Help? Contact the Highway Department at 631-728-3600

From Eastport to Sagaponack, the Southampton Town Highway Department maintains more than 450 miles of road with responsibilities that include:

  • Snow plowing, sanding, and de-icing
  • Patching potholes
  • Resurfacing roadways
  • Street sweeping
  • Leaf pick-up
  • Trimming back overgrowth
  • Repairing curbing, Belgian block, drains, guide rails, sidewalks, bridges, and bulkheads
  • Painting stop lines and crosswalks
  • Clearing catch basins and sumps
  • Installation of signs, drains, and snow fencing
  • Removal of dead wildlife, along with (abandoned) eviction, demolition, and illegally dumped debris

In addition to providing year round maintenance, the Highway Department also manages Southampton's Adopt a Road (PDF) and Adopt a Planting programs, and issues permits for road openings, demolition, driveway aprons standards, and house moving.