U.S. Department of Energy Recognizes Town of Southampton Town Hall

In a letter dated November 27, 2023 and addressed to the Southampton Town Engineer, Mr. Thomas Houghton, the U.S. Department of Energy complimented the Town for its participation in the Department’s Better Climate Challenge Program and for the success of Town’s Better Buildings Initiative Project.

 Specifically, The Town of Southampton, was recognized for “reducing GHG (Green House Gas) emissions by more than 210 metric tons of CO2 per year at its 100+ year old Town Hall building after completing a multi-year project to retrofit the steam heating, lighting, and water systems.”

 The retrofit of building located at 116 Hampton Road, Southampton Village, formerly the Southampton High School, replaced the steam based heating system with an array of heat pumps which provide all of the HVAC needs for the offices within the facility, replaced all lighting with LED fixtures, and installed low flow water fixtures throughout the building

 “These retrofits were all accomplished while the departments and offices within Town Hall remained operational,” commented Mr. Houghton. “A project of this scale could not have been accomplished without the full cooperation of all of our Town Hall employees, particularly our maintenance staff, and the patience of our residents,” he added

“Reducing GHG emission is a major goal of both the Town and New York State,” Councilman John Bouvier commented. “This project demonstrates that the sustainability goals set by the Town are attainable with good energy planning and well managed project execution. My compliments to Mr. Houghton, and his predecessor Christine Fetten, who managed this project over the past 4 years.”

 For more information, go to or call Mr. Thomas Houghton, Southampton Town Engineer at (631) 702-1750.

Letter dated November 27, 2023