Finance (Comptroller)

The Town Comptroller's Office oversees all financial and audit activities for the Town of Southampton. In doing so, its mission is to:

  • Establish sound financial policies and procedures
  • Maintain accurate and complete financial accounting records
  • Assist in the preparation of the Town's Annual Operating and Capital Budgets
  • Ensure compliance with all Town Board approved funding and appropriations
  • Provide timely and useful financial reporting and management information to the Supervisor, Town Board, and the public
  • Maximize opportunities for all investment and borrowing requirements
  • Coordinate independent, forensic, and New York State audits

Accomplishing the above includes disbursing and accounting for approximately $115 million in operating expenses for wages, supplies and services, and ensures compliance with the Adopted Budget. The Comptroller also manages the financing of the Town's Capital Projects (multi-year construction projects or other asset acquisitions) averaging $25 million per year.

The department also conducts the billing for false police and fire alarm charges, and processes requests for appeals to be heard by the Town’s Public Safety Commission.


The Finance (Comptroller) Office has been recognized by the Government Finance Officers Association for the Award of Financial Reporting Achievement. View the Certificate of Achievement and press release (PDF) for more details.