Finance - Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The mission of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department is to support the activities of the Town and its citizens by providing and maintaining accurate, current, and complete geospatial data. Leveraging the knowledge contained in this information is done by using a set of procedures and techniques collectively referred to as a Geographic Information Systems. By providing GIS resources, Town staff and citizens are able to make decisions impacting the future of the Town of Southampton in an informed and logical manner.

Our various mobile enabled websites allow personnel and the public alike to access data about properties, developments, and communities within the Town. We offer numerous free applications as well as a subscription-based application. Links to these applications can be found below with descriptions to the left in the “GIS Web Mapping Applications” link:

One of our most robust applications is our ePortal. This subscription based service allows subscribers to access data about properties within the Town of Southampton. The following information is readily available in this service:

  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Sales
  • Various Documents including Certificates of Occupancy and Compliance, Surveys, photos, etc .
  • Permits
  • Mass Appraisal
  • Owner and Address Info.

ePortal Fee Schedule (PDF) 

  • Annual - $350
  • Biannual - $225
  • Quarterly - $140
  • Monthly - $60
  • Daily - $10

Town of Southampton ePortal

In total, the department supports approximately 125 desktop users and 500 Professional Services Website users at various locations. The advantages of the improved access has in turn facilitated better analysis, decision making, and productivity by town staff and citizens alike.