Justice Court

All adjournment requests must be faxed.

The date on the ticket bottom is not a court date and due to Covid please mail in the not guilty plea.  It may take up to a year to receive a court date.

Email questions to Justice Court: justicecourt@southamptontownny.gov 

Town Justices

Presiding over one of New York State’s busiest local courts, Southampton’s four town justices are assisted by a team of clerks, stenographers, and language interpreters. Each judge is elected to a term of four years, and serves on a rotating monthly basis to hear a variety of cases affecting a broad spectrum of laws.
  • Hon. Patrick J. Gunn
    Term expires December 2025
  • Hon. Gary J. Weber
    Term expires December 2023
  • Hon. Karen M. Sartain
    Term expires December 2024
  • Hon.  Barbara L. Wilson
    Term expires December 2025

Jacqueline McKay
Justice Court Director


The Justice Court is a multi-faceted Court, processing all criminal, civil, traffic, and parking summonses issued within the Town of Southampton. Complaints are handled from the following agencies:

  • Bay Constables
  • Building and Zoning
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Fire Marshall
  • New York State Police
  • Park Rangers
  • Southampton Town Police
  • Suffolk County Police
  • Suffolk County Sheriff

Each court case involves many procedures. For the cases, the initial information must be keyed in and the defendant's plea must be entered. Bail, if set and paid, must be entered, deposited in the bank and a record kept for auditing purposes. The cases must be scheduled for arraignment, for conferences, and maybe for trial. The judge's decision must be noted, if any payment, it is posted to the computer, deposited in the bank, the processing of paperwork; and then the final procedure is to close the case manually and electronically both in CDR and TSLED, so that it can appear on the monthly report.