Dark Skies Advisory Committee


The purpose of the Southampton Town Dark Skies Advisory Committee is to curtail light pollution and to encourage compliance with the town's outdoor lighting regulations by means of educational and legislative efforts in order to prevent dangerous glare, save energy and money, limit damage to the environment and to human health, and preserve our view of the star-filled night sky.

Helpful Resources


To report possible violations of the code, please contact the Town’s Code Enforcement Unit at 631-702-1700 or submit a complaint online:   SOUTHAMPTON ONLINE SOLUTIONS (Complaint Form)

You may email Town’s Code Enforcement Unit with general questions at CodeEnforcementInquiries@southamptontownny.gov

If the non-compliant lighting is at a construction site or anywhere there is an open building permit, please contact the Chief Building Inspector at 631-287-5700 or by BuildingInfo@southamptontownny.gov.


  • Joy Flynn (Co-Chair)
  • Olivia Motch (Co-Chair)
  • Mary O’Brien (Co-Secretary)
  • Sheila Peiffer


  • Cyndi McNamara, Councilperson,
  • Janice Scherer, Town Planning and Development Administrator

Each member serves a one-year term.

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Contact Us

  1. Paula Godfrey

    Legislative Aide 
    Email Paula Godfrey

    Ph: 631-287-5745
    Fx: 631-287-4507