Disability Advisory Committee

The Southampton Town Disability Advisory Committee was established to advise the Town Board on issues that may enhance quality of life for Southampton Town residents and visitors affected by a disability, including but not limited to those with physical and developmental conditions.  The DAC will express concerns on behalf of the community, identify areas for improvement of access, and recommend possible solutions to the Town Board.  The overall goal of the committee is to facilitate access to educational and recreational resources, and services for assistance and accommodation for those affected by a disability that promote quality of life, a sense of community, and individuality.


  • Kim Covell
  • Meesha Johnson        
  • Gayle Lombardi
  • Elena Williams
  • Andy Russell
  • Sandy Russell
  • Patty Tuzzulo


Cyndi McNamara, Councilwoman
Sean Cambridge ADA Coordinator
Jamie Bowden, Community Organization Specialist
Thelma Harris, Anti-Bias Task Force Liaison

Each member serves a one-year term.

Suffolk County Accessible Transportation (SCAT) Services

Operating since 1994, Suffolk County Accessible Transportation (SCAT) provides curb-to-curb service to individuals with disabilities. Eligibility to use SCAT is determined based on guidelines contained in the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).

The Handicap Access Decal:

If you know a restaurant or business that has made the effort to comply with the ADA accessible rules, give us a call. We will do a site visit and present them with this decal so everyone knows they’re accessible.


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