Disability Advisory Committee

The Disability Advisory Committee was created to assist the Town in complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and to integrate all residents into the life of the community. Specific projects have been undertaken to meet community needs, an emergency evacuation plan for residents with special needs, participation in the annual Mental Health Awareness Day, a Universal Design brochure, and handicap parking passes. Members meet monthly in Town Hall, and new members are always welcome. Call for meeting schedule 631-702-2423


  • Mary Schellinger, Chairwoman
  • Carol Floege
  • Henry Floege
  • Nancy Lennon
  • Arlene Schroeder
  • Ellen Tollefsen
  • Julie Lofstad, Councilwoman, Ex-Officio
  • Virginia Bennett, Director of Community Services, Ex-Officio
Each member serves a one-year term.

The Handicap Access Decal: 
If you know a restaurant or business that has made the effort to comply with the ADA accessible rules, give us a call. We will do a site visit and present them with this decal so everyone knows they’re accessible.

Contact Us

  1. Virginia B. Bennett

    Community Services Director 

    Ph: 631-702-2423

    Julie Hopson

    Community Service Worker 

    Ph: 631-702-2418

    Staff Directory
  2. Domestic Violence Advocacy

    Community Services Director 
    Ph: 631-702-2999 ext.1

    Staff Directory

Universal Design Brochure