Facilities / Infrastructure Committee


  • Kristen Doulos, Parks and Recreation
  • Renee Brathwaite, Justice Court
  • Janice Scherer, Land Management
  • Jon Erwin, Parks and Recreation
  • Christine Fetten, Municipal Works
  • Peter Gaudiello, Buildings Maintenance
  • Alex Gregor or his designee, Highway
  • Cheryl Kraft, Chief Fire Marshal
  • Thomas Houghton, Engineering
  • Leonard Marchese, Comptroller
  • Tom Neely, Transportation
  • Paula Pobat, Information Technology
  • Lisa Kombrink, CPF
  • Frank Zappone, Supervisor’s Office
  • Town Trustee, or designee
  • Jay Schneiderman, Supervisor, Ex-Offico

Each member serves a one-year term.