Supervisor's Office


  • Jay Schneiderman, Supervisor
  • Frank Zappone, Deputy Supervisor
  • Jakki O'Neill, Executive Assistant to the Supervisor
  • Janice Wilson, Chief Legislative Aide

Legal Authority

Pursuant to Section 23 and 63 of the Town Law, the supervisor is the chief administrative and fiscal officer of the town and presides at all meetings of the Town Board. The supervisor is elected for a two-year term and is responsible for administrative duties set by Town Board resolution for both town and improvement district affairs.

Pursuant to Section 42 of the Town Law, a deputy supervisor is duly appointed by the supervisor to act in full capacity as the supervisor’s designee in his/her absence.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • The supervisor is responsible for the overall management of town government operations, including establishing goals, problem solving, authorization, implementation, and evaluation.
  • The supervisor is the chief executive officer of the town and its administrative head.
  • The supervisor is the treasurer and fiscal officer of the town and improvement districts.
  • The supervisor may transfer accounting duties and financial record keeping activities to the comptroller.
  • The supervisor is to receive and have custody of all town money, regardless of which other officer first received it.
  • The supervisor is authorized to make payments using town funds only after Town Board audit and approval.
  • The supervisor presides over the meetings of the Town Board. He is a member of the Town Board with a vote on all matters. The supervisor is empowered to appoint committees consisting of members of the board to aid and assist the Town Board in the performance of its legislative, fiduciary, and management duties.