What is Affordable Housing?

In the United States, the term affordable housing is used to describe housing, rental or owner-occupied, that is affordable to families who work and earn all levels of incomes.  Affordable homes and affordable rental prices are geared to low, moderate or middle income families based on the Area Median Income (AMI) levels that the United State Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) establishes yearly.  Many working families are priced out of the market in the high-priced housing market on the East End of Long Island.

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1. What is Affordable Housing?
2. Why is Affordable Housing so Important?
3. What is Area Median Income (AMI)?
4. How do I know if my income qualifies me for affordable housing?
5. Where do I apply for affordable homes in Southampton? Where and how do I apply to rent an apartment?
6. Can I buy a house if I have bad credit?
7. What does subsidized housing mean?
8. What is Section 8?
9. Can I apply for Section 8?
10. What is a Housing Authority?
11. I saw a property that was built with LIHTC. What is LIHTC?
12. Do you provide emergency shelter?
13. Do you provide any helpful resources?