Why is Affordable Housing so Important?

Affordable housing provides opportunity and choices to individuals and families throughout the town of Southampton to live meaningful and successful lives. Everyone who lives or works in Southampton deserves the opportunity live in quality affordable housing located in the town.   When it comes down to the numbers, integrating affordable housing throughout our community can provide more access to jobs, health care, quality education and overall opportunity. It will help keep young families and seniors in the communities where they live and work.  It will also alleviate the traffic congestion because employees who cannot afford to live here must drive to their jobs.

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1. What is Affordable Housing?
2. Why is Affordable Housing so Important?
3. What is Area Median Income (AMI)?
4. How do I know if my income qualifies me for affordable housing?
5. Where do I apply for affordable homes in Southampton? Where and how do I apply to rent an apartment?
6. Can I buy a house if I have bad credit?
7. What does subsidized housing mean?
8. What is Section 8?
9. Can I apply for Section 8?
10. What is a Housing Authority?
11. I saw a property that was built with LIHTC. What is LIHTC?
12. Do you provide emergency shelter?
13. Do you provide any helpful resources?