Who Are Stop-Arm Violation Tickets Issued to, and How Much Will They Cost Violators?

Programs toll free number
available to offenders

The Contact Center is available Monday to Friday (8 AM – 5 PM). English, Spanish and French speaking customer service agents are available to address your inquiries. To expedite our service to you, please have your Citation Number ready when you call
To view the violation video evidence online or to pay a violation by credit card, visit  www.alertbus.com
and enter the following information: Your citation number (example: NY-777777), and vehicle license plate number (no dashes or spaces), as listed on your citation.
All payments must be sent to the above listed payment center. The County does not accept payments at any location.

Stop-arm cameras identify illegal passers by license plate number. Tickets are issued to a vehicle’s registered owner, unless the automobile is proven stolen during the time of the offense. If someone other than the vehicle’s owner was driving at the time, the owner can request a transfer of liability.

In most states, a first-time stop-arm violation carries a fine of $250. In New York state, subsequent violations within an eighteen month period are subject to a $25 increase in penalty, up to a maximum of $300.

In addition to the financial deterrent, violators learn about the potential dangers of their actions. Offenders can call the program's toll free number and speak with a representative, who can review the video evidence with them and help them understand the dangers of illegal passing. Services are offered in both English and Spanish.

Data from other safety programs demonstrates that 94% of first-time offenders do not receive a second ticket, and that 95% of drivers do not contest their ticket after seeing video evidence of their violation.

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