What is the schedule for easements, acquisitions and construction?
  1. Surveys: Surveys are expected to be completed over the 2023 Spring/Summer season.
  2. Title Search: A title search will be undertaken by the Town during the survey process and completed prior to recording of the easement.
  3. Easements:  Final documents for execution of the Perpetual Beach Easement will be distributed to each property owner after surveys have been completed and the exact descriptions of the required Easement Area have been included in their specific Easement document. Once executed, the Easements will be recorded in the County Clerk’s Office as part of the property record.
  4. Waivers: A prepared Waiver will be sent to the property owner at the same time as the prepared Perpetual Beach Easement document.  At that time, they will have the opportunity to execute the Waiver and thereby donate their Easement to the Town.
  5. Appraisals:  Appraisals will be conducted if a Waiver was not signed once the surveys are complete.  
  6. Relocation or modification of a partial structure:  Once local permitting agency approvals are obtained, a final appraisal will be obtained and the owner will receive an offer of the highest approved appraised amount which will include a cost to cure for relocations of partial structures.  The owner may then retain its own contractor to perform the modification or relocation of the partial structure such as a deck or a pool.   
  7. Transfer of easement: If a mutually agreed upon value can be reached after the appraisal process, transfer of the easement should be relatively straight-forward and quick.  If agreement cannot be reached, the Town is required to begin judicial proceedings to acquire the easement by eminent domain, in accordance with New York State Eminent Domain Procedure Law. A petition will be filed with the Court seeking a vesting order which transfers the easement to the Town.  After a vesting order is issued, a map and legal description will be filed at the Office of the County Clerk and the easement will vest in the Town upon recording.  If the owner brings a claim for greater compensation within the time provided in the vesting order, just compensation will be determined in the New York State Supreme Court.    
  8.  Payment: For those parcels with accepted offers, payment will be made at the time of the closing.  The Easement will then be recorded.   For parcels where offers have not been accepted, payment will be made when vested title is recorded and title issues are cleared, or if a claim is filed, when the matter is settled in court.
  9. Construction Start:  FIMP Contract-1 and Contract-2:  Dredging of Fire Island, Shinnecock and Moriches inlets and shoals with sand placement on Gilgo Beach and Robert Moses State Park is underway and scheduled for completion in March 2023.

    FIMP Contract-3:  It is anticipated that construction will commence in the end of Summer/Fall of 2025. These schedules are best estimates based upon when all real estate interests will be obtained and are subject to change.    

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