What land can be preserved through the TDR program, as sending parcels?
The Southampton Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program has the goal of lowering or eliminating development in areas that should be preserved, including:
  • Porous moraine soils, found in the CR-200, CR-120, CR-80, R-120 and R-80 Districts, will be retained for the purpose of maximizing groundwater recharge while lessening potential pollution of these ground waters by individual sewage disposal systems.
  • Soils found in the Agricultural Overlay District and conforming to United States Soil Conservation Service capability Classes I and II will be retained for permanent agricultural use.
  • Wetlands, as defined in the Town Code, and their immediate upland environments will be retained for their ecological benefits and held in permanent open space use.
  • Lands found in an area designated by the Comprehensive Plan for a greenbelt park system or for an individual park, beach or public recreation area, which will be retained for such open space use.
  • Lands located with the core preservation area of the Central Pine Barrens Overlay District established under Article XXIV of Section 330.
  • Lands located within the Old Filed Map Overlay District established under Article XI of Section 330.

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