What is the Project Development Council?
The Project Development Council is comprised of representatives from several Town Departments with the objective of providing a forum that encourages dialogue between applicants for land use development proposals and various departments. The council meets regularly to assist property owners with the application process, provide status updates to the Town Board, and to make the Town’s processes as predictable as possible for residents and applicants alike.

While not mandatory, applicants may request to meet with the Council in order to facilitate a more productive working relationship, guiding an applicant through the process in a way that avoids confusion; provides accurate, consistent information; and identifies, fosters and maintains consistency in the process.

The Project Development Council meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 1 p.m. Requests to meet with the Council should be received at the Department of Land Management no less than 2 weeks before a scheduled meeting, in order to be considered for that meeting. Download the Request form.

For additional information, call 631-702-1802

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1. What is the Project Development Council?