What is Community Housing?

Community Housing is considered a house, townhouse or condominium located anywhere in the Town with a current purchase price of $1,209,885* or less.

*150% of purchase price limit established by SONYMA’s low interest rate loan program.

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1. What is the Peconic Bay Region Community Housing Act?
2. How would the Community Housing Fund be financed?
3. How can the money be used to create Community Housing?
4. What is Community Housing?
5. Who would be eligible to purchase Community Housing?
6. Are there exemptions from paying the real estate transfer fee?
7. How can financial assistance be provided to first-time homebuyers?
8. Who decides what the Fund is used for?
9. How would the Community Housing be kept affordable?
10. How can the Community Housing Fund be created?
11. Real estate transfer fee amounts existing vs. proposed