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SUN20TV Content Submission Form

    To submit SUN20TV content fill out form below. Programs should not be longer than 28 minutes in length to adhere to half hour time blocks, 56 minutes for one hour shows Untitled Document
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  4. PROGRAM CREDITS for underwriting will be on screen
  5. Self Funded Program*
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  9. Southampton Town*
  10. NON-Resident Fee
    Production services are provided through SUN20 TV and is free of charge to residents, local organizations or institutions situated within the Town of Southampton. A non-resident fee shall be charged for the use of the production services by any non-resident, or any non-local organization or institution. (currently $100.00)
  11. Non Resident Payment
  12. Price
  13. SUN20TV Policy and Procedures*
    1. Mission of the Organization
    • SUN20 TV provides a non-commercial platform for unique, locally produced programming that is reflective of the creative talents and the diverse interests of the Southampton Town community. 
    • SUN20TV will strive to offer an unlimited selection of educational, cultural, artistic and community affairs programming.
    • As a supporter of the first amendment right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, SUN20 TV encourages respectful discourse and responsible media in all its forms.

    2. Eligibility for Membership
    • Public Access (training, production and broadcast) is available to residents of Southampton Town. (non-residents with local sponsors)
    • Minors wishing to provide content must have authorization of a parent or guardian.
    • Required studio training sessions through LTV production facility in Wainscott, post pandemic, at no cost to residents or certification from LTV as having satisfied training requirements through other means other than LTV training classes
    • Use of studio time available for reduced fees for Southampton Town residents. Visit LTV website for more information
    • LTV studios shall be open a minimum of five (5) days per week with the hours of operation during those five (5) days to be determined by LTV.

    3.  Content submission
    • Content submission request shall be made through the Town’s website
    • If approved, a return email will be sent to the producer to uplink program through a free cloud based service
    • Please don’t send hard copies or links
    • Programs may be returned to request the enhancement of production quality or rejected for violations of prohibitions as listed below
    4. Prohibitions: Commercials, Lotteries, Obscenity
    • Content cannot contain material that seeks monetary benefit through solicitation of goods and services or any form of fundraising.
    • Restrictions
      • Sale of goods and services
      • Promotion of commercial enterprise
      • Use of business addresses or logos
      • Provides addresses, phone numbers or sites to obtain more information
      • Posts phone numbers or addresses on screen
      • Includes any “pay” phone numbers (i.e. 900)
      • Any call to action for commercial goods or services
      • No Lotteries, contests, gifts or similar enterprises          
    • Obscenity
      • It is suggested that rating be assigned to material similarly to that used across the television industry.
    • TV Ratings
      • TV-Y: All Children. Intended for children ages 2 to 6 and is not designed or expected to frighten.

      • TV-Y7: Directed to Older Children. 
      • TV-Y7 FV: Directed to Older Children - Fantasy Violence. 
      • TV-G: General Audience.
      • TV-PG: Parental Guidance Suggested.
      • TV-14: Parents Strongly Cautioned.
      • TV-MA: Mature Audience Only.
      • Programmer may assign rating
      • Material may be assigned to time slots appropriate to the material being presented.
    5. Availability of Channel Time
    • Channel time slots/scheduling are assigned at the discretion of the Executive Director
    • Content shall not be subject to discrimination as it is protected by the First Amendment as is protected by Federal, State and local laws.
    • Regular time slots can be made available but will require that member provide content regularly or risk the loss of the assigned slot if missed two consecutively missed windows
    • Executive Director has discretion of airing some content at off-peak hours based on content.
    • Service may be refused to any members who fail to adhere to the policies of the organization.

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