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SUN20TV Programming Request


    To request SUN20TV programming begins by calling the SUN20TV  office at 631-702-1740.

    A staff member will be able to answer questions and explain the programming parameters.
    Programming is limited to government or educational entities and related events. Please complete and submit the form below.

  2. Programming Request
    (Check One)
  4. Note: (SUN20TV) Staff will need a minimum of one hour. Doors MUST be open)

  5. Power Point or Video
    Must be supplied prior to event.
  6. The views of the proposed program will represent either a governmental or educational entity or the elected or appointed position held by an individual in that entity.
  7. SEA20TV

    SEA20TV does hereby reserve the right to accept or reject any proposed filming request. Any failure interruption or delay in the requests as originally scheduled, either in whole or in part, shall not constitute a breach of the agreement if such an event results from any of the following causes: technical difficulty, emergencies, governmental restriction, or any other cause beyond SUN20TV control.

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