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    BEFORE you fill out an Employment Application form, it must first be SAVED to your computer, then opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader and completed in that program. If you attempt to fill out the form in your internet browser, your information WILL BE LOST. NOTE: This form is not compatible with Firefox. Please use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. 

    Step 1: DOWNLOAD and SAVE the Download Application to your computer.

    Step 2: Fill-out and SIGN your Application

    Step 3: RE-SAVE the completed application to your computer.

    All position within the Town of Southampton require all 5-pages of the employment application to be fill out and submitted. 

    Step 4: Upload your Employment Application, resume and any additional documents that may be required for the position you are applying for.

    Step 5: Complete all required fields and submit information. 

    If you are having trouble filling out and signing your application. You may apply by mail.  Send Resumes to:

    Mail: Town of Southampton - Human Resources
    116 Hampton Road
    Southampton, NY 11968

  2. Both the Town of Southampton and Suffolk Civil Service Application
  3. Licenses, certificate, references, etc.
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