What are property maintenance complaints? What about litter and garbage?

All improved properties shall be maintained to prevent blight and to prevent hazards to the public health, safety and welfare. There is a wide range of standard including: Surface and sub-surface water shall be appropriately drained. Pools can not be drained onto neighbor's properties or onto roadways. Paved areas have to be maintained to afford safe passage for pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic under normal usage.

Landscaping has to be maintained to prevent it from being overgrown or unsafe. Premises shall be maintained free from weeds in excess of 10 inches. All garbage and debris shall be kept inside or in an acceptable enclosed container, and shall be regularly removed form the site. Yards and buildings should be free of hazards. Open wells, cesspools, refrigerators with the doors on them, and buildings should be reported to Public Safety.

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7. What are property maintenance complaints? What about litter and garbage?
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