Printable Permit Applications

Explanation of Permits

The Town of Southampton is responsible for issuing permits that deal with road work. These permits may be printed and submitted, via regular mail, along with the appropriate fee. Any permits requiring a fee should make the check payable to the Town of Southampton. The following is a list of permits currently issued by the Highway Department:

  • Adopt A Road Program Instructions and Application (PDF) for the Adopt A Road Program
    • This program consists of a person or group adopting a town owned town maintained road and keeping this road litter free. The Highway Department supplies the safety vests, bags, and signs which show the name of the adopter and is placed on the adopted road. We appreciate residents helping our town show its true beauty.
  • Application for Road Opening (PDF)
    • Any time work is done in the town owned right of way this permit is required. Even though we call it a road opening permit, our roads are not to be cut, rather missile under. Work that would require this permit would include installations or upgrades of electric, cable, water taps, or gas. This permit can be printed and mailed or hand delivered The fee is $150 to $300 dollars (call the office to obtain fee) . Complete the permit and attach/include a sketch of the job and list of materials to be used. please mail them or hand deliver to:

      20 Jackson Ave.
      Hampton Bays, NY 11946
  • Application for Road Usage for Debris (PDF) (Demolition Permit)
    • This permit is used any time property currently showing on your survey is demolished. This permit is required by the Building Department if you plan on re-building and by the Assessor's office to remove buildings from your tax assessment. There is no fee for this permit and it may be faxed to us at 631-728-3605. Please make sure you include a cover letter with a fax number we can fax it back to. Once it has been signed and a number has been issued, we will fax it back. Free and the ability to fax, what more could you want?
  • Application for Temporary Obstruction of Highway (PDF) (House moving permit)
    • This permit is required any time a large obstruction travels on our roads. This would include houses, barns, sheds, garages, etc. Please print out this form. There is no fee for this permit.
  • Driveway Aprons Standards (PDF)
    • In accordance with Town Code Article IV Highway Use Permits §287-13, et. seq. AND Town Code Article XXX §330-363 any work in the Town Owned Right-of Way (including driveway aprons ) must receive a permit from the Highway Superintendent before construction.
      Still Need Help? Contact the Highway Department at 631-728-3600