Licenses & Permits

Bingo & Games of Chance License

Organizations must submit proof of registration (in the form of State ID #) with the New York Racing and Wagering Board. The premises where games will be conducted must also be licensed. The town bingo inspector examines the events weekly.

Dog Licenses

All dogs over four months of age must be licensed. Dogs should be vaccinated against rabies before applying for license which expires one year from date of issuance. State law requires immediate renewal forms be mailed to dog owners. Visit New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets for more information.

Disabled Parking Permits

To obtain a Disabled Parking Permit, the individual must live in the township and provide a written note/application from their doctor on letterhead indicating whether Permanent or Temporary, along with their driver’s license.

Long-Term Parking Permits

The Town Clerk’s Office provides long-term parking permits, valid per calendar year, for the following 2-locations:

Driver's license, vehicle registration and proof of residency are required.

The current permit fees are:

  • Bridgehampton Parking District (BPD) Resident Permit $75.00
  • Southampton Town Resident (outside of BPD) Permit $125.00
  • Non- Resident Permit $300.00

View the Long-Term Parking Permit Application (PDF).


Both applicants must appear in person. Applicants must bring two forms of identification:

  • A current driver's license or passport; and
  • A certified birth certificate or baptismal certificate

Those under 18 years of age must be accompanied by parents. Visit the New York State Health Department for more information.

Shellfish (Resident & Temporary) Permits

as of March 1, 2011, the issuance / sale of non-commercial shell fishing permits is being administered by the Office of the Trustees, 631-287-5717.

Small or Big Game, Sportsman & Fishing Licenses

In compliance with State mandates, the town's licenses are issued beginning in October and are effective until September. Different fees apply to various age groups. Visit the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for additional information.

Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire & Peddlers License

Access Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire & peddler license forms and applications.